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    From basement to global 🍒

    In 2014 Emilie Konge faced a challenge. She had just become a first-time mom and was on the lookout for safe baby equipment and clothing in neutral colors and playful prints that would fit into the home of the modern Scandinavian mother. Her quest ended without success, and so she set out to create her own universe.

    Her first creation was the cloud mobile, which she made by hand in a small basement in Copenhagen. Emilie started sharing photosof her concept on Instagram and quickly the demand and interest grew. Her design philosophy was and still is to create stylish children's interiorand clothing that bring joy to little ones and give aesthetic pleasure to their parents.

    Konges Sløjd has now grown to 50 employees and is a 4-time Gazelle award-winning Danish design brand.

    From the headquarters in Copenhagen 🏠

    From the headquarters in the heart of Copenhagen everything is designed in-house: we invent prints, select materials, design newshapes and functions, test with a strong focus on details with the intention to enchant our customers life, season after season. In addition, we rely ona close, trusting relationship with our suppliers abroad to ensure that all products are made under good working conditions.

    Konges Sløjd is a diverse and inclusive workplace that aims to represent as many different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences as possible.

    Our mission 🦘

    we are a bold team of positive, caring and creative-minded people focused on designing sparkling and thoughtful products that enchant everyday life”. Emilie, founder

    Our goals and ambitions are to make Konges Sløjd a world-renowned lifestyle brand, and to become one of the world's leading brands in children's clothing and interior design. Today our brand is represented in more than 1500 stores in 90 countries. 32% of the sales are in Denmark and 51% across Europe –primarily in France, The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, and Norway.

    Every day we are trying to leave a lighter footprint on the environment, with special attention to sustainable practices. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and it is a mission that we hold very close to our heart. 

    about our name

    'Konges sløjd'

    Konges sløjd - a somewhat unusual name. 'Konge' is the last name of our founder Emilie. And the old Danish word 'sløjd' means 'good and solid craftmanship'.

    with love from our founder

    A lemon a day, and a roll in the hay 🍋

    At Konges Sløjd we embrace the ups and downs of parenthood and hope to bring a little bit of simplicity into your lives through our comfy, technical and versatile collections.  We bring heart and consideration into everything we do so that you can focus on having fun and making memories.

    Nothing is, nor will, ever be perfect and life with kids is often chaotic. But what a wonderful chaos it is!

    A lemon a day, and a roll in the hay
    With love, Emilie Konge, Founder

    We are GOTS certified

    Global Organic Textile Standard

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